2.4G Wireless RCA Shade Video Transmitter Receiver Package Backup Digicam

How you can installations?

1.Connect the wireless module to your digital camera via the two cables – one plug for AV output and one plug for energy (supplying energy to the camera)

2.Join the wireless module (transmitter) to the reverse light of your car to get the facility – red wire for constructive and black wire for destructive.

3.Join the wireless module (receiver) to your car Monitor,GPS,DVD – AV input.

4.Connect the wireless module (receiver) to your automobile cigarette lighter to get the power – higher join one automobile charger.

You will see the photographs on monitor,GPS or DVD when your automotive is in reverse camera head unit (pop over here) shift.

Camos programs are famend for their quality and reliability. There’s a portfolio of products to select from, starting with a Plus V1 or V2 reversing digicam – the latter, featured right here, is by far the preferred. The one distinction is their respective housings – so finances for anything as much as £500 for a full system including a monitor (choose from four), with fitting additional.

Another thing to remember before you start is that a continuously operating video camera will have more power necessities than a traditional backup camera, and as you’ll be wiring it into your running lights, it’d drain your vehicle’s battery greater than expected. Talking with a mechanic earlier than you get going can be a helpful step to ensure that your vehicle’s electrical system is as much as the task.

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