Installing Reverse Digital Camera

I just purchased a GPS system for my 2014 malibu (mountable on prime of my dashboard) which comes with a paired wireless reverse digital rear view camera mirror (sources) that shows on that display screen. For this specific reverse digicam all I need to do to get it working is splice it into one of the wires for my reverse light.

-Don’t use this to play distracting movies while you are driving. In lots of countries (and states in the US) this is illegal and carries stiff penalties. It is also harmful. I exploit my enter to display a mirror of my android cellphone working the torque applications which gives me OBD II gauges (

I am completely happy to say that the LCD shade display included in this digicam is extensive sufficient because it runs at around 4.3 inches. It is usually multifunctional and features an exterior antenna. I am fairly positive that most customers will even be impressed with the camera’s upgraded CPU, which also boasts of its signal stabilization that runs up to five occasions.

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