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Welcome to Correct forklift company Online! We’re a full service materials handling dealership located in Santa Rosa. We are a neighborhood firm that focuses on North Bay area customers. We represent a variety of material dealing with manufacturers with merchandise starting from manual pallet trucks to forklifts. We are dedicated to being the best at figuring out our customers’ wants and pledge to supply options that exceed customers expectations. Look around our site to see what Accurate can do for you!

WE Stock GB BATTERIES DESIGNED To suit The next Elevate TRUCK Manufacturers: Bendi, Baumann, Cat, Caterpillar, Clark, Crown, Daewoo, Drexel, Hyster, Kalmar, Komatsu, Linde, Mitsubishi, Motrec, Nissan, Prime Mover, Raymond, TCM, Toyota, and Yale, amongst others. In case your brand isn’t listed, we normally stock a suitable size at our Chicago depot. Obtain our battery measurement charts to determine the recommended battery dimension to your forklift.

A survey conducted by the Propane Education & Analysis Council revealed that safety was crucial factor in purchasing equipment for industrial purposes. Because of the proven working safety of propane powered forklifts, it’s not stunning that propane is a prime gas selection for fleet house owners. For forklifts with 5,000-10,000 lb capability, over 70% of survey responders select propane. Be taught why.

The standard additional requires an employer to develop a written program to prepare all employees who can be required and authorized to function forklifts as to the hazards of such equipment. Employers must conduct classroom-type training and truly observe the worker working the tools below the physical circumstances on the office, akin to aisles, ramps, and loading docks. The employer must present a certificate stating the worker has completed the training. The employee should be retrained and recertified each three years, at a minimum, or after an accident or “near miss” which resulted from an unsafe act.

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